Welcome Students!

I am a college English instructor who teaches a variety of writing courses in online and campus settings. This website is for prospective online students to learn about my classes and writing experience.

This website is also the place to go if our college system ever goes offline for an extended period of time. Visit the Emergency Plan page for instructions and to continue with the course.

Explore the following links to learn more about what it is like to take my online courses:

Student Resources

Check out the following pages for help with writing and using technology tools.


Class Overviews

The following links provide a syllabus or overview document for each of my courses. Please note that I make course revisions each semester, so be sure to follow the syllabus that I will provide inside our course website.

American River College

Sierra College

Student Projects

Visit the wiki developed by the students in my Fall 2012 Developing Help Systems class–great job!: